Tips on Care & Use

We recommend using an open-faced bait casting reel with minimum 20 pound test monofilament (fluorocarbon lines sink and may affect lure action).


We also recommend using a medium heavy casting rod with a moderate to fast tip.  


To activate, simply cast the lure and it will start its struggling action when it enters the water.  When the legs stop their struggling action, reactivate the lure by reeling in excess line, holding the rod tip low, and giving the rod tip a quick “popping” or “chugging” action which will reset the frog’s internal stainless steel spring for continuous leg kicking action and sound.

Easy Instructions to Restore Frog Legs to their Original Shape


Reshaping bent frog leg(s).

Although the 22-FIVE frog legs are made from the highest grade of thermoplastic, they can be bent out of their normal shape if left in a hot location for an extended period of time.

However, this is not a problem and the legs can easily be returned to their original shape using the following steps.

Tip: Place frog in the original box after use to keep legs from being reshaped.

This will also keep the frog legs from contacting soft plastic lures or other plastic objects which could melt the legs*

*(Replacement legs can be ordered from 22-FIVE).


Prepare a glass of water

Fill a waterglass almost to the very top with tap water. Then place the glass in a container such as the one shown below before placing in the microwave.

A separate container as shown here is recommended since the glass of water will be very hot after being removed from the microwave and should not be touched.

Place the glass of water in a container such as the one shown left before placing in the microwave.


Microwave the glass of water

Place the full water glass and container into the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes (or until the water begins to boil or bubble).

*Be very careful when removing the water since it is very hot in order to soften the bent frog leg(s).


Prepare for

While the hot water is heating in the microwave, place cold water in a second glass as shown at right.

This will be used to rapidly cool the legs after they are placed in the hot water so that they will hold their new shape.

Now, remove the hot water glass and container from the microwave and immediately place the bent leg fully into the hot water and hold for 10 to 20 seconds as shown at left.



Immediately remove the frog leg from the hot water and, with both hands, hold the frog leg in the shape that you want it to return to and immediately transfer the leg to the cold water glass as shown at right*.

*Make sure to fully submerge the leg into the cold water, then check the leg to make sure it is in the desired shape. You may have to repeat STEP 4 and this STEP 5 more than once to reach the perfect leg shape.

Here is the final result - the bent frog leg has been returned to its original shape to match the other one and to provide perfect balance and action!


Remember to place the frog in its original packaging after each use to prevent the legs from "re-shaping" or from contacting soft plastic lures which could melt the legs.



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