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22-Five Tips On Care & Use

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

We recommend using an open-faced bait casting reel with minimum 20 pound test monofilament (fluorocarbon lines sink and may affect lure action).  We also recommend using a medium heavy casting rod with a moderate to fast tip.  To activate, simply cast the lure and it will start its struggling action when it enters the water.  When the legs stop their struggling action, reactivate the lure by reeling in excess line, holding the rod tip low, and giving the rod tip a quick “popping” or “chugging” action which will reset the frog’s internal stainless steel spring for continuous leg kicking action and sound.

We do not recommend using spinning reels or spinning rods since, typically, they are not heavy duty enough to give the 22-Five Frog the best spring power loading on each “pop” or “chug” of the rod tip.  The 22-Five Frog is perfectly balanced from the factory, and we do not recommend using a snap swivel to connect to the 22-Five Frog since it may affect this balance.

22-Five Lures – Designed with the goal of exceeding the 22 pound four ounce (22-Four) largemouth bass record!

You may want to experiment with the “chugging” or “popping” action by “double popping or double chugging”, particularly at long distances.  However, be assured that if you follow the above instructions, you can fully activate the 22-Five Frog with a single “pop” or “chug” from any casting distance. Good luck!

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